About Us

Hello, world, let us have a short discussion about us.

foremost of all we are a content-based organisation and we deliver original and trustworthy information to our visitors, we also provide the origin of the data, so that visitors can see it by themselves.

1. Our Full Name:

Our full name is BK Aman Online Services, thank you!

2. Our websites :

Presently, We hold 2 websites towards India and multinational i.e (let’s have a quick chitchat about that also)

BK Aman.com – Motive Engine (Global)

On this website, We show information in English and Hindi Languages, and we share knowledge around Finance Subjects in an easy language and effortless to understand.

BK Aman.in – मोटिव इंजन

On this website we present Information Only in the Hindi Language, we never compromise our study and the genuineness of our data.

3. Our Founder :

He is absolutely understanding, visionary and Focused individual, his name is Cool BK Aman, and he is 23 Years old (1999), He had done his BSc CS from Allahabad State University, Prayajraj.

Founder Social Media :

  1. Site – Cool BK Aman.com
  2. LinkedIn – Cool BK Aman
  3. Instagram – Cool BK Aman

4. Our Co-Founder :

She is a strongly qualified, Smart, Kind hearted person, she is pursuing BSc CS Degree from Allahabad State University, Prayajraj.

Co-Founder Social Media :

  1. Site – EktaSoul.com
  2. Instagram – Ekta Soul

5. Contact Us :

Contact Team: Contact@bkaman.com

Contact Admin: Admin@bkaman.com